Bills defense dominate Saints for lopsided victory in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS – The Bills often say they don’t do the roller coaster of the season like the fans do.

They pride themselves on their ability to recognize ebb and flow and not let anything affect them one way or the other. Never too high after a win, never too low for a loss.

It’s good for them, but not so great for their fans as there aren’t many roller coasters that offer a wilder ride than these bills this season. There have been weeks where they have looked absolutely dominant, and there have been weeks where they look like a team that isn’t even worthy of making the playoffs.

Thursday night at the Superdome, despite the unbalanced final score, it was somewhere in the middle. Against an injury-exhausted Saints side, Bills ran their business on both sides of the ball and put together a solid effort to beat New Orleans 31-6.

Bills defensive tackle Ed Oliver celebrates his sack in the first half.

It wasn’t pretty for parts of Thanksgiving night, but in the end, the Bills bounced back from their horrific loss to the Colts last Sunday and momentarily tied the Patriots at 7-4 atop the AFC East. .

Here are three quick thoughts:

1. The offensive line always holds the team

What happened in the second trimester was bordering on ridiculous. The offensive line was so bad that Josh Allen couldn’t function. It’s amazing that Bills were able to secure a placement from Tyler Bass at the start of this quarter. Of course, they only had to go 38 yards because Mario Addison made a huge fourth save near the midfield.

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